Data Ingestion

  • DSM improvement made to support the defining of push data sources.
  • DI improvement made to support push ingestion.

City Artifacts Management

  • HDP updated from 1.3 to 2.1 to enhance the capability of HDP.

City Analytics

  • Merged Windows analytics job management with CEP analytics job management into one unified analytics job management; in order to decrease the complexity and increase analytics job management efficiency.
  • Implemented automatic deployment to ease analytics job status reporting, which can make an update analytics job more user-friendly.
  • Synced objects to ID for CEP; which provides an IJobContext API to create a data sync that sends data to Info Dissemination.
  • Deployed CEP/Win jobs to multiple nodes. This allows to create/update/start/stop monitoring jobs on multiple nodes.
  • Deployment service now automatically deploys targeted jobs to the appropriately available node.

City Services Management

  • Service interface management is enhanced to include the relationship between the service interface, functional category, and data. This creates a model for better accessibility to services and data that promote the integration of services throughout the city.

Information Dissemination

  • Redesigned the Information Dissemination architecture in order to enable on-demand extendibility of adapters through a flexible technical framework, which ensures the extensive adaptability and scalability of the Microsoft CityNext Big Data Solution Accelerator.
  • Added service bus security to channels; limits access permissions to the ID message queues. During channel registration, each ID channel needs an associated account which will be used to receive messages from the specified message queue.

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