Management Studio

New Features

  • Improved workflow and validation for configuration and management.
  • Object schema computed attributes management also supports rule validation.
  • Supports data ingestion test run for Pull sources.
  • Supports the execution of Business Entity queries in order to validate business entity configuration.
  • System Center Operations Management - SCOM is now being utilized in order to monitor the system and services.


  • Management Studio UI/UX was redesigned to improve usability, such as a new list view with supporting sort by fields.
  • Enhanced pull/push source management by creating a new wizard guide.
  • Improved the efficiency of binding and mapping between entity schema and object schema.


  • The value of DataTime in push data will be changed according to the service's time zone when ingesting data.

Known Issues and Problems

  • Description: Unable to delete object schema.
    • Workaround: None
  • Description: Unable to display the last run status for Push sources.
    • Workaround: None
  • Description: Unable to display the accurate number of row counts and diagnostic details for object schema.
    • Workaround: None

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