Known Issues and Problems

Data Ingestion

  • Description: When batch building indexes in CAM, data ingestion does not work.
    • Workaround: Turn off the Data Ingestion job, and then proceed with batch building indexes.
  • Description: The sync between HBase to Hive is not in real-time. HBase to Hive is designed to be a nightly batch job.
    • Workaround: Reduce the running interval when scheduling the H2H SQL agent job.
  • Description: If in a deployed solution accelerator environment the existing repetitive Data Ingestion pull jobs continue running to retrieve data from the Internet, but the environment disconnects from the Internet during the process, then those repetitive Data Ingestion jobs will continue to fail, and will impede the processing time of the Data Ingestion engine. The newly created Data Ingestion job maybe be pending for a while, which will confuse the user.
    • Workaround: Make sure that the deployed solution accelerator is always accessible and connected to the Internet. If the environment disconnects from the Internet, it is recommended that you delete the repetitive pull jobs for unavailable data sources.

City Artifacts Management

  • Description: When ingesting data, batch building indexes does not work. This issue is the same issue in Data Ingestion.
    • Workaround: Stop batch building indexes, and then proceed with the Data Ingestion job.

City Analytics

  • None

City Services Management

  • None

Information Dissemination

  • None

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