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Microsoft CityNext Big Data Solution Accelerator V1 General Availability SDK edition is specifically geared towards developers. Not only will the SDK edition prove to be enhanced in functionality and provide access to samples, but it will also give an extended and more in-depth look into the architectural structure and potential of the solution accelerator.


Situational Awareness Dashboard - a central hub for city emergency management and provides real-time and historical incident reports and cross-agency analysis. This dashboard is part of the New York City OEM Pilot project which will be released in December.
situational awareness dashboard.png

Citizen Sentiments Dashboard - an application that helps city governments understand their citizens' concerns and opinions through the analysis of citizens' complaint data, news and social media.
citizen sentiments dashboard image.png

UrbanAir - a Web and Windows Phone service that provides fine grained air quality information for any given set of geo-coordinates based on air quality monitoring station readings, weather, traffic and city points of interest data.
GA SDK Samples - UrbanAir.png

Best Air Quality Route - a Web and Windows Phone application that identifies the travel route with the best overall air quality by utilizing the analytics results from the UrbanAir service.
GA SDK Samples - Best Air Quality Route.png

Known Issues and Problems

  • None
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Management Studio

New Features

  • Improved workflow and validation for configuration and management.
  • Object schema computed attributes management also supports rule validation.
  • Supports data ingestion test run for Pull sources.
  • Supports the execution of Business Entity queries in order to validate business entity configuration.
  • System Center Operations Management - SCOM is now being utilized in order to monitor the system and services.


  • Management Studio UI/UX was redesigned to improve usability, such as a new list view with supporting sort by fields.
  • Enhanced pull/push source management by creating a new wizard guide.
  • Improved the efficiency of binding and mapping between entity schema and object schema.


  • The value of DataTime in push data will be changed according to the service's time zone when ingesting data.

Known Issues and Problems

  • Description: Unable to delete object schema.
    • Workaround: None
  • Description: Unable to display the last run status for Push sources.
    • Workaround: None
  • Description: Unable to display the accurate number of row counts and diagnostic details for object schema.
    • Workaround: None
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